Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Right Here, Right Now

The Fall edition of the EPRI Journal has a feature story called

The Plug In Hybrid Vehicle: Beyond Gasoline
by Lucy Sanna

Here is the PDF.

The Story In Brief

As automakers gear up to satisfy a growing market for fuel-efficient hybrid electric vehicles, the next generation hybrid is already cruising city streets, and it can literally run on empty.

The Plug-In hybrid charges directly from the electricity grid, but unlike its electric vehicle brethren, it sports a liquid fuel tank for unlimted driving range.

The technology is here, the electricity infrastructure is in place, and the plug-in hybrid offers a key to replacing foreign oil with domestic resources for energy independence, reduced CO2 emissions, and lower fuel cost. "


On the issue of advanced battery technology, the EPRI story says,

"The Production cost of NiMH and Li-Ion batteries presents a key challenge to the marketability of PHEVs. As production volume increases, however, costs will come down with the introduction of automated manufacturing lines and economies of scale.

The cost effective tipping point is at about 100,000 battery packs annually.

With roughly 16 million new cars sold in the United States every year, once auto manufactures commit to the PHEV, that tipping point should be easily reached."

Plug Ins can begin to reduce our dependence on foreign imports.

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Anonymous Horse said...

A product that has been in use for ten years but not available to the general puplic.

I believe every test has been done to this product as far as fuels are concerned but more are on the way for hydraulics.

Hey just to let you know that yes I am promoting this but if you dont want to save at the pump then dont go to the site but I believe no matter who you are gas is just to expensive.

The goverment is using it and many other huge company's. This is not just some fly by night company or product. This is the real deal.

I just finished my own personal auto test and my wifes dodge caravan was getting 16 miles and now getting 24 with the first tank.

My chevy truck was getting ten miles to the gallon and now I am getting 14. WOW! They even gaurentee that if it does not work for you to send the rest back for a full refund.

9:10 AM  

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