Thursday, February 02, 2006

Mayor Wynn Commends POTUS

Mayor Wynn Commends President Bush's Support
of Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles and Biofuels;
Prescribes Treatment for ''Oil Addiction''

Houston Chronicle
By Business Editors(c)
2006 Business Wire
Feb. 2, 2006--

Austin Mayor Will Wynn, a leader in the national Plug-In Partners Campaign, commended President Bush for supporting the development of plug-in hybrid vehicles as part of his Advanced Energy Initiative developed to help America reduce its oil imports by 2025.

"The President's plan to accelerate research on battery technology is an important step in what needs to be a strong national mandate to put plug-in hybrid vehicles on American roads as soon as possible," said Austin Mayor Will Wynn, one of the leaders of the Plug-In Partners Coalition.

Already almost a dozen cities, over 100 public power utilities, businesses and a host of national policy groups have signed on to the "Plug-In Partners" campaign. Austin's template calls for cities to initiate citizen petition drives and to encourage government and businesses to issue "soft" orders or expressions of interest in purchasing plug-ins.

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As of today, we will turn on the comments section for interested parties.

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Yes, and it seems that the comments now work. So, feel free to comment about Plug-ins and how we can make them become part of our future.

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