Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Mayors Join Drive

U.S. Conference of Mayors Join Drive
for Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles

LAS VEGAS—June 5, 2006—The U.S. Conference of Mayors today unanimously endorsed a resolution encouraging the use of plug-in hybrid vehicles as an important step in reducing this country’s reliance on foreign oil and decreasing greenhouse gas emissions from vehicles.

Plug-in hybrid vehicles would combine today’s new gas-electric hybrid technology with larger batteries that could provide an all-electric operating range of 25 miles to 35 miles or more. The result is an 80+ mile-per-gallon vehicle—with even greater fuel economy possible using biofuels.

With gas prices now near $3 per-gallon, plug-in hybrids offer the potential for a consumer to save on their fuel charges as an ‘electric’ gallon of gas is less than $1.

The resolution endorses the national Plug-in Partners initiative, which is leading an effort to urge automakers to manufacture flexible fuel plug-in hybrid vehicles, pushing for government funding for incentives and demonstration vehicles, gathering soft fleet orders, and promoting a consumer petition campaign in support of the effort.

The resolution was submitted by 13 mayors:

Mayor Will Wynn of Austin,
Mayor Thomas Menino of Boston,
Mayor Dr. Robert Cluck of Arlington, VA,
Mayor Patrick H. Hays of North Little Rock, AK,
Mayor Rocky Anderson of Salt Lake City,
Mayor Henry Garret of Corpus Christi, TX,
Mayor John Hickenlooper of Denver,
Mayor Greg Nickels of Seattle,
Mayor Ardell Brede of Rochester, NY,
Mayor Martin J. Chavez of Albuquerque,
Mayor David Berger of Lima, OH,
Mayor Kitty Piercy of Eugene, OR, and
Mayor Miguel Pulido of Santa Ana, CA.

“This vote shows the increasing interest in plug-in hybrids,” said Austin Mayor Will Wynn, who has been leading the national Plug-in Partners campaign.

Plug-in hybrids reduce dependency on foreign oil, lower fuel costs for cities and their citizens, reduce air pollution in our cities, and increase the use of renewable energy.”

Become a Partner today.

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