Tuesday, January 31, 2006

New Plug-In

AFS Trinity and Richardo to Develop Plug-In
Source: AFS Trinity
Jan 25, 2006


An Extreme Hybrid™ car -- which plugs into house current from the power grid for most of its power and is expected to give the average driver more than 250 miles per gallon of gasoline -- moved closer to reality today according to news from AFS Trinity Power Corporation and the leading global automotive engineering firm, Ricardo.

AFS Trinity and Ricardo have agreed to work together to design, test and develop the Extreme Hybrid™ drive-train and build the initial systems that are expected to be licensed by AFS Trinity to carmakers worldwide.

Dave Shemmans, CEO of Ricardo plc, said, “After the Extreme Hybrid™ is ready to be licensed to OEM’s, Ricardo intends to provide assistance to the world’s automakers integrating the XH™ plug-in hybrid drive train into their specific vehicular platforms.”

Ricardo has 1750 engineers and consultants who serve the world’s automotive OEMs and tier one suppliers from design, testing and engineering facilities throughout Europe, US and Asia.

In related news, Edward W. Furia, Chairman and CEO of AFS Trinity, said, “The power electronics, ultra-capacitors, batteries, motors and other related advanced components that we will integrate with Ricardo’s help into the Extreme Hybrid™ drive train are all advancing rapidly and reducing in cost.



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